Identify learning disabilities early with search and teach

Give Your Child the Best Start Possible

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to give your child a good start in life. And, as teachers and educators, we feel the same. That's why we offer Search and Teach at our Learning Center in Knoxville.

Search and Teach is an early intervention program designed to detect and remediate learning disabilities such as dyslexia in children who are in preschool through first grade. This program helps us identify early signs of learning disabilities in your child so we can act quickly to prevent difficulties down the road. 


What Are The Benefits of Detecting a Learning Disability Early?

Identifying a Learning Disability early-on can help to protect your child from homework fights, disliking school, low self-confidence, tutoring services later on, and more. 

If we can get ahead of your child's learning disorder before the downward spiral of failure begins, we can help them have the best possible start in their education and spare them the lifelong consequences of a learning disability.


What Does Search and Teach Do?

Search and Teach uses remedial activities to help your child strengthen neuroperceptual skills at an early age. Through this program, we provide a clear profile of your child's strengths and weaknesses as well as a structure to guide appropriate intervention and prevent future failure. 


What Does the Program Involve?

If you enroll in the Search and Teach Program, your child will start by completing a test designed for preschool through first-grade age children. Using the test, we "search" for weaknesses in your child's perceptual and neuropsychological functions, the functions crucial to learning. After completing the test, we calculate your child's score and assess their vulnerability to educational failure.

Based on your child's results, we then "teach" your child in the areas they need it most. We target their perceptual and neuropsychological deficits using perceptual stimulations. This is to give your child the best chance possible at educational success.


Is There Data Backing Search and Teach? 

Here's a brief sample of data supporting Search and Teach as a valuable, trusted tool. 

  • Unanimously approved by the U.S. Office of Education's Joint Dissemination and Review Panel.
  • Cited in the U.S. Office of Education's publication Education Programs That Work since 1980. Data documents its educational impact, cost-effectiveness, and replicability.
  • Used extensively in U.S. schools and clinical settings.
  • Founded on extensive, interdisciplinary research related to the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders. 


What Is the History of Search and Teach?

Search & Teach was developed by several contributors, including the staff of the Learning Disorders Unit at the New York University School of Medicine, child psychiatrist Archie Silver, M.D., and psychologist Rosa A. Hagin, Ph.D.


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