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"They Cared about My Son and His Needs"

The trainers at Learning Dynamics are really skilled and encouraging. It amazed me what they were able to get my son to accomplish!

I feel like they got to know my son and cared about him and his needs. Mrs. Keyser is very professional, and it is obvious that her educational background and training have prepared her for this role. 

Mrs. Keyser took the time to really listen to me and my concerns. She always got back to me quickly whenever I emailed or called her. PACE is clearly not just a job, but a passion.  

- Mary B., September 28, 2019

About our Testimonials.

When a student graduates from our learning center, we ask their parents to write a testimonial that we post here. To better protect our students, we leave out their names and use anonymous photos. 

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Knoxville Tutoring Center helps young a girl with a learning disability get into college.

"She Has College Ahead of Her"

My daughter has struggled academically through her whole educational experience.

Early on, I learned the best way to let her learn was to let her move. Dance, jump or, rolling were our best options for her to memorize something.

Her concentration was always a challenge. I missed that it was a learning disability for a long time. I worried for her future.

At a friend’s graduation, I learned about Margie and her program. I think I called the next day. It turns out that my daughter had a visual processing disorder. I wasn’t worried with a diagnosis, I was just wanting her to overcome these issues.

Learning Dynamics gave my daughter a chance at a better life. After 7 months in the program, she has developed new skills that have brought her to her best potential.

She has a future; she has college ahead of her. She went from C/D’s to A/B’s. I will be forever grateful for how Margie, Karen & Anne go above and beyond for all their students.

Rhonda S., April 29, 2019

"Hands-Down the Best Money We Have Ever Spent"

Call it a “Mother’s intuition,” but especially after entering kindergarten, my happy, positive, sweet boy became more and more sad, upset, and self-doubting after coming home from school daily. 

School should have been easy for him. He has had an education in programs since the age of 1. His twin sister excelled over him in reading, spelling, letters, and watching his confidence fall was heartbreaking. I placed concerns with the school and family they all said, “It is just a boy thing, he will be fine, later.” This was not good enough for me; this is the foundation of his learning. 

I found Learning Dynamics online, and after meeting with Margie and testing, I found the answers. Severe dyslexia most likely due to hearing issues at infancy. For some reason, I did not have one thought of not jumping at the opportunity for someone to help my son. 

In 3 months, my son went from not knowing any letters to being in the accelerated reading group in class. He scored highest in class in state testing and a huge confidence boost we did not expect. School is easier for him now, he enjoys it. 

We cannot wait to utilize Learning Dynamics again for all of our children. This program and the people exceed - they are truly wonderful. This is hands down the best money we have ever spent, and the outcomes continue to help our son grow. Such a blessing.  

Bryan & Mallory J., April 26, 2019

A child visits a Knoxville tutoring center to get help at school for reading, spelling, and math.

"His Self-Confidence is Back"

First, let me state that my eleven your old grandson wants to return next summer to Learning Dynamics. 

He knows how much his reading and math skills have improved over the past few months and for the first time in two years he feels “smart”. 

His self-confidence is back and he is ready to start back to school next week. He also loved the one-on-one with the trainers at Learning Dynamics. 

They cared about my grandson’s education and he truly connected with them. I would strongly encourage parents (or grandparents) to invest in Learning Dynamics. It was such a positive experience for my grandson.

- Deborah T., August 1, 2019

"She Doesn't Need to Guess Anymore"

Our daughter appeared to be a more successful reader than her brother when [they both] started the program, but the PACE program, cognitive testing, and work with her trainer revealed the underlying weaknesses she had.

Unfortunately, our daughter was a very gifted guesser before we started PACE. Because of PACE, she now has a much stronger foundation and doesn’t need to guess anymore.

She has the confidence and skills needed to decode words. She’s also made great gains in memory and doesn’t struggle with sequences so much.

I also like that I know what her strengths are now thanks to cognitive testing so that I can help her develop those.

- Maggie M., May 14, 2018

Boy with rocket ship costume is confident after graduating from Knoxville's best learning center.

"Opened Up a World of Learning"

As parents, we have seen a vast improvement in our child during the past year. 

As a former teacher and homeschool parent, we were struggling to find the right fit for spelling and, consequently, reading programs that would address our son’s difficulties. 

Conversationally our son utilized words well above those he was capable of even beginning to spell. However, he didn’t qualify for services because there wasn’t a big enough discrepancy between his ability and his perceived achievement. 

After hearing about this program, we had our son tested with Margie Keyser. She could immediately see his struggles, but more importantly, his potential. Our son was paired up with Kimber Horemburg for his sessions; she was a great fit for our son. 

When she wasn’t available, Margie Keyser worked with him. She, too, was a great fit for him. Even before our son finished (he still had about months left), he completed standardized testing. His scores nearly doubled. 

But more importantly, I see confidence in himself with his newly earned abilities. He is spelling words correctly for the first time in his academic career! It has opened up a world of learning for him, allowing him to learn through his increased reading comprehension.

- Julian H., June 8, 2016

"Reading is No Longer a Frustrating Exercise in Futility"

My son's confidence and skills as a reader have grown exponentially. He reads tests independently now, seeks out environmental print that he can read, and thinks of himself as a person who can read. 

We still have a long way to go before he will be able to read anything he pleases, but now we both have much more hope that it will happen. 

Reading instruction is no longer the frustrating exercise in futility it once was. Thus, he has learned that he can do something that is difficult, and that will be invaluable moving forward.

- Maggie M., May 14, 2018

The best tutor in Knoxville helps children with reading and learning disabilities.

"Huge Improvement"

I can say that I already see a huge improvement in my son's reading and his level of confidence.   

He still struggles in reading, but now is able to work through the words himself. This includes blending and general sounding out of words — the one-on-one format of using visual and physical-means to learning.    

Jennifer B., August 15, 2019   

[Jennifer's son's improvements were the result of the PACE program alone. Due to the time constraints of the summer session, he wasn't able to enroll in our reading program. However, the foundation he built with PACE should help him respond better to school intervention. If it's still needed, we hope to see him back next summer for our reading and spelling program.]

"Now at Grade Level or Slightly Above!"

I brought in a child with reading issues, reading 3-4 grade levels below her school grade. After 6 months with Learning Dynamics, my child is now at grade level or slightly above! 

I am blessed to have found Learning Dynamics and would recommend the PACE program to other parents with struggling readers.

- Faye M., July 31, 2019

Knoxville Education Center provides help for kids who have trouble in school.

"He Actually Found Joy in Reading"

My son struggled with school and homework. Reading was a nightmare for him. He got easily frustrated and lost interest quick.

Within weeks of starting the program, my son was reading. He actually found joy in reading. By the end of this course, he could read fluently. His scores at school went up significantly, and he is now at the top of his class in reading, phonics, and math.

Most importantly his self-esteem and self-image are back. We are thankful and grateful to have found this program and the trainer who has worked diligently with him from day one.

Katy V., February 28, 2019

"No Longer Needs Intervention Classes"

In second grade, my daughter's academic performance was way below grade level. She was having so much trouble with numbers, word sounds, reading, and writing that her teachers recommended that she repeat second grade.

I enrolled her in a traditional tutoring service twice a week with little to no improvement. She was tested by school psychologists near the end of second grade and was found to have dyslexia.

In the fall of third grade, she started a processing skills and reading/spelling program with Margie Keyser of Learning Dynamics. Upon finishing these programs, she no longer needed separate reading and math intervention classes and was reading above grade level by the end of third grade.

In fifth grade, we enrolled her in Learning Dynamics for math two days a week to further boost her math abilities. She became a top student in her math class, was promoted to the next tier in math for sixth grade and scored advanced on the math TCAP!  
What an incredible help this has been! It is well worth it!   

- K.W., Maryville
UPDATE: This student is now in the middle of 6th grade and was promoted to the top tier of her math classes!


More Feedback from parents & Schools

"Improved Self-Esteem"

"The improvements in reading and spelling were  great, but the improvement in self-esteem was an even greater, unanticipated outcome!"

- Mom of 13-Year-Old

"She Enjoys Reading"

Nothing helped my child until you started working with her. Now she enjoys reading every night.

- Mom of 2nd Grader with Dyslexia, Loudon

"Can Not Thank you Enough"

I can not thank you enough for the changes I have seen in my son. You have done a wonderful job with him. When I think of how far he has come, I just want to cry.

- Dad of 3rd Grader with Dyslexia & ADHD, Loudon

"No More Crying"

No more crying at homework time and when asked to read or write.

- Mom of Dyslexia Student

"Way Beyond Expectation"

Word call/decoding skills are progressing way beyond expectations.

- IEP Statement

"Amazing Progress"

Seen amazing progress this year!

- IEP Statement

"Improved Word Attack"

 Word attack skills increased from AE 7.8 - 10.7! 

"137% Increase in Reading!"

Baseline reading fluency went from 54 wpm to 128 wpm!

"From 1.5 to 3.8 GE"

 STAR Reading Test went from 1.5 to 3.8 Grade Equivalent!

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