Little boy gets reading help for dyslexia at Knoxville learning center

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Looking for Reading Help for your Child?

Learning Dynamics, LLC offers Systematic Simultaneous Multisensory instruction to help your young reader make accelerated progress in his or her reading abilities.

This program is designed for children who don't know their letters yet up through a third-grade reading level.


How is Early Readers Different from Other Reading Programs in Knoxville? 

Early Readers not only incorporates proven methods in reading education, but our team also tailors each Early Readers lesson to suit your child's needs and help him or her make accelerated progress.

Using One-On-One Instruction, Engaging Activities, and Systematic Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction, our goal is to help your child read better and enjoy it!

When you sign up for a program at Learning Dynamics, your child is guaranteed to work with one of our friendly, certified trainers who has years of classroom teaching experience.


What is Systematic Simultaneous Multisensory Instruction?

This method of instruction uses all learning pathways in the brain simultaneously, or sequentially to enhance memory and learning. We use all of your child's senses, including touch, sight, sound, and even smell, for a comprehensive approach to boost your child's reading abilities. 

What are the Benefits of the Early Readers Program? 

Every activity we use is designed to help your child develop in the following areas:

  • Reading 
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Sounding Out Words
  • Word Attack
  • Syllabication (Dividing Syllables), and more

In the long-term, our program is designed to help your child become fluent and avoid future frustration and failure in reading. Our aim is to help your child have rich experiences reading at their grade level.


Ready to Learn More?

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