Knoxville's Breakthrough Math Program: Number Dynamics 

At Learning Dynamics, LLC., we've developed Number Dynamics, a custom, in-house math program designed to boost your child's mathematical abilities. Our program targets the underlying weak cognitive skills that prevent your child from excelling in math. 

Every exercise we use is geared toward increasing your child's ability to:

  • Understand Mathematical Concepts
  • Solve Math Problems
  • Complete Mathematical Calculations

We've had fantastic success with Number Dynamics already and are continually updating and revising the program based on new research and our students' results.



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"I never dreamed math could be so much fun. And, I never dreamed those words would cross my lips!"

 - 11-Year-Old Student with a Brain Hemorrhage after Her First Number Dynamics Math Session 


How Does Number Dynamics Work?   

When you sign your child up for our math tutoring program, we'll start by testing your child to identify gaps in skills, facts fluency and understanding of numeracy concepts.   We will create a plan for sequencing instruction starting from foundational skills and work up to more difficult problem solving on your child's level.  

We always work at a pace that's comfortable for your child and tailor our program to suit your child's specific needs. Our Number Dynamics lessons are custom-designed to help your child in the areas of their greatest need.   We incorporate current skills from the student's school curriculum and give tips to make school math assignments more manageable.

Our program is also highly concentrated.  Instruction is hands-on and interactive always going from use of concrete materials to semi-concrete and then abstract.  Students learn to describe what they are doing and reverse procedures.   Students are never given unnecessary practice during sessions.    We teach to mastery and implement procedures to foster long term memory and retention of skills.  This allows your child to make accelerated progress in the shortest amount of time possible.  

Whether your child has a math-based learning disability like dyscalculia, weak cognitive skills, or is struggling in math for a different reason, our team of professional, certified trainers are here to help you find answers.


What Activities Does Number Dynamics Use?

Number Dynamics uses a wide range of activities designed to help accelerate your child's progress in math. 

We bring numbers to life using manipulatives such as:

  • Colored Glass Marbles
  • 2-Sided Counters
  • Cards
  • Games
  • Dominoes
  • Dice
  • Cuisenaire Rods
  • Base Ten Materials
  • Custom Interactive Flashcards

Many educational services for math use manipulatives, but the unique ways in which we use them sets us apart from other programs and has helped to boost our students' math abilities.

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